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1.00 How do you stop a leak?

Q. I've got this small leak situation going on with my business, I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to stop it. It's a fair sized leak, and it's kinda tricky to clean up... it's a sewage type leak too, so I can't just pour it down the drain if you know what I mean >.< Any advice would be awesome! I'm out of ideas myself lol.

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1.00 I have a wet spot in the lawn from sprinkler irrigation. I dug here but did not find a pipe. What gives?

Q. The sprinklers all work fine, no sign of low water pressure. I capped off all the sprinkler heads in zone 2 in the area of the leak and checked the main water valve meter, which is about 12 feet from the leak about 4 ft in from the front sidewalk. It's spinning. There is no water in the main valve hole. There is no movement in the main valve meter when all the water is off, at least not after watching for a minute. This is a low spot in the yard. But because the main valve meter is spinning when the sprinkler heads are capped, I suspect something more than just pooling. Could it be the main line is leaking? But why would it leak only when this zone is on? I need to check the other zones to see if they have a similar issue.

A. Maybe it's where the dog pees.......

1.00 Is it possible to do the dewinterization of the sprinkler by yourself, or you have to hire the professional?


A. Spring start up procedures. This is just as important as winterization, but nobody ever asks me about it! When you first turn on your sprinkler or drip system in spring you should always flush it out. During the winter many small critters take up residence in your sprinklers, emitters, tubes, and pipes. Often they manage to squeeze in, only to be unable to get back out when spring comes. Whether they crawl down to a smaller pipe and get wedged, or grow, or whatever, I don't know. But I do know they get in there and they get stuck! So you need to get them out. To do that open the ends of drip tubes and flush 'em out by turning on the water. For sprinklers remove the nozzles from, at the least, the last head on each pipe (better yet, remove them all) and run the water. When you think the water has run long enough, you're only half way done. Let it run twice that long! The biggest mistake in flushing is not letting the water run long enough. When done, make sure that standing water doesn't drain back into the pipes, taking dirt back in with it! You may need to put a temporary piece of hose or pipe onto the flush outlet to drain the water to a different area. Make sure the hose is as big or bigger than the pipe, you don't want to restrict the flow! After flushing, check the system out by running it. Look for clogged emitters or nozzles. I don't recommend cleaning plastic sprinkler nozzles, replace them with new ones. Cleaning them leaves small scratches which mess up the spray pattern and create dry spots. (So that's why you have more and more dry spots each year! Who would have known! And you thought using that screwdriver to pry out the sand grains was a brilliant idea!) Calcium buildup on sprinkler nozzles can be removed using one of the many calcium remover products available for kitchen use. I've never tried it but I've been told that soaking them in drain clog remover also works. If you try it let me know if it works! Check for leaking valves. Often the flexible seals dry out over the winter and leak when the water is turned back on. This is also a good time to think about giving your plants some fertilizer. They just woke up from a long nap and they're HUNGRY! Did you miss Little Shop of Horrors? Feed them, but not too much! Check the controller for proper run times for each station. If it has a back-up battery replace it with a fresh one. Almost all solid state controllers use ALKALINE back-up batteries and will not work right with other kinds- if in doubt use an alkaline type battery. The battery on some controllers is located behind a face plate where you can't see it (why do the manufacturers do stupid things like that?), so if you don't see a battery, remove the wiring compartment cover and look for it in there. A few of the high-end controllers have built in battery chargers (look at the batteries, they should be labeled "rechargeable" if the clock has a built in charger). Most newer controllers now come with non-volatile program memory and long-lasting batteries to keep the clock running during a power outage. These batteries are like the ones in your computer, they last for years, you may never need to change them.

1.00 What is the best way to irrigate my home lawn?

Q. I want to install an economical, automatic irrigation system with a rain sensor(s). Professional services vary widely and seem to be very expensive. Do It Yourself systems seem to be much cheaper, but one system in particular stands out: which allows the transition to be made in steps and for a much reduced price and much greater ease than professional installation. What do you recommend for a 1/3 acre lot with some irregular shapes (in a cul de sac)? Specific products and services with their advantages and disadvantages are appreciated. Thank you in advance. We are open to professional help, but don't know how to compare prices vs quality of labor/services, parts, warranty, etc. DIY (Do it yourself) seems to be much cheaper for some reason, and one particular system (cited above) seems to be very flexible, but I can see how people could easily regret doing it themselves.

A. We have a professional landscape/Sprinkler company. But I understand you wanting to do it yourself. I'm the same way on things. Sit down with a piece of paper, go to Jessi Strykers irrigation website. He's got some good sprinkler advice, definitely rent a trencher and hire a teenager (whos not afraid of a shovel) to help. Use Rainbird parts (long-lasting). Use sch. 40 pipe, it's the thickest and most durable because you don't want to have to dig it back up when you get a leak and get a Rainbird timer. We put our heads on "swing-joints" so if you run over it or it gets damaged, it'll just depress itself into the ground instead of breaking off. Everybody that I've met that had done their own had regretted it, (the work involved) but it can be done with research. Just know it takes LOTS of digging and work. You can do it, but just research first.

1.00 New sprinkler system failing, need help!!?

Q. Hello. I was looking for some advice on my situation. I hired a local company to install a residential irrigation system. It was installed 2 years ago. In the first two weeks after the install we sprung a leak at one of the control boxes. We now have had 5 calls to them for service, 3 of those calls for leaks. I was just informed by their field supervisor that the pipe they used for my install and most of their installs for that season two years ago is defective. They have had numerous complaints of customers with leaks. They said they're in the process of forming a lawsuit again the pipe distributor and/or the manufactuer of the pipe. He recommended they replace the pipe because it just going to keep leaking. Here is my question: He said the pipe and heads come with a lifetime warranty against defects, this obviously applies. They will switch out the pipe for the entire system (9 zones, 50 heads?) I just have to pay for the labor, which will cost anywhere from 1000-1200 dollars. With that they offer for every 100 dollars spent, 1 free winterization. So I could get up to 12 years worth of winterizations. I'm reluctant to agree to pay for labor on a system replacement for something defective. What should I do? Do I have any legal angle I could use? You would think they have some sort of commercial insurance against a situation like this? Thank you

A. This should be of help to you with more advice on that.

1.00 Repairs are needed, but no one is listening!?

Q. Almost a week ago, we got new neighbors upstairs. They moved in quietly, and then the next day, I was woken up to what sounded like rain in my bathroom. Our bathroom was being flooded from a leak (not a tiny one, either) in the ceiling. After throwing down as many towels, buckets, and anything else to stop it from leaking down to the bottom floor, I went upstairs to see if everything was alright. One of the tenants explained that they had been replacing the shower head, and a pipe broke. One of the repair guys for our apartment was already cleaning up the damage. The water had been shut off, and I could hear him working. I explained that our bathroom was flooded, and she told me she'd send the repair man down to us when he was done. Two hours later, she came down to see the damage herself... and asked if he'd been there. I told her he hadn't... and she was very distressed at the damage. A week later, the bathroom smells like mold, despite my best efforts, there are flies swarming around, even hiding in areas I didn't know existed, and the ceiling where the water came through is beginning to bend and warp... nevermind that it looks like someone wet themselves on our ceiling, and it's dried. I've called our landlord once a day for the last week, and I've received nothing but a message machine or a non-committal "We'll send someone out there." My boyfriend and I do not have the funds to fix this (we can't even use the washing machine because we don't have quarters for it...) and I'm beginning to feel my patience wearing thin. Is there something or someone I can speak to who will actually *do* something about the damage? My boyfriend thinks the ceiling tiles may be made with asbestos, and since this is an old building, I'm not exactly going to tell him that's silly thinking. We don't know what to do!

A. Here is what you do with a non-responsive Landlord. #1. Take several photos of the damage and mold-2 sets of copies. #2. Start a time log of everytime you speak with your landlord about this problem. Enter it all in the log. #3. Write a letter to your landlord listing the dates of when the damage started and the day she came down to look at the damage. Also state that she has been un-responsive in repairing the damage and you feel that you are being inconvienienced by this situation. #4. State that you will be deducting a certain percentage of the rent owed to her until this problem is repaired. When you send the rent check make a copy of it and and also a copy of a short letter stating what amount is deducted from that months rent and why. #5. Also state that you will be contacting the health department if the situation is not taken care of. *This needs to be sent certified mail with a signed return receipt showing she received the letter and signed for it. That way she cannot claim she never recevied your letter. This way she has been notified of your intent and if it goes to small claims court - she will have a lot of explaining to do. It would be helpful if someone else in your building knows about this situation you are in. Have someone living in the building that you know look at the damage and that way you will have a witness to the length of time it is taking to get it fixed. Your boyfriend won't work because he would have a biased opinion.

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Plumbing Pipe Leak

 Plumbing - Plumbing Pipe Leak Plumbing leaks are a common household plumbing problem. They can range from tiny leaks that may not damage your home in any way, to major extensive leaks that can actually flood your home. Whatever the type of leak, never leave the problem unattended, hoping it will go away. First, determine whether the leak is on the pipe or at the joint. In case of a leak at the joint, simply tightening the joint should help fix the leak. In case of a pipe leak, you may have to replace the section of pipe altogether. Leaky pipes often result from corrosion, and a corroded pipe can begin to leak in other areas when one leak has been patched.

 Mobile plumber in Mobile, Alabama There are temporary ways in which you can stop a leak while you wait for your plumber to arrive. Use a readymade patch kit to stop the leak. An epoxy paste also works well to control a leak until help arrives. If you don't have epoxy paste, simply wrap some water proof tape around the leak. Make sure that you dry the pipe completely before you beginning wrapping. You can also find compound sticks to stop tiny leaks temporarily. Cut out a piece of inner tube and begin wrapping around the pipe, starting about 6" from the leak. Stretch tightly as you continue to wrap. Then, tie a cord, and go backwards until you have wrapped the cord right around the tube strip. Finally, tie the cord tightly.

Professional plumbers have more advanced methods for leak detection and repairs. For instance, if you notice wet patches on your ceilings or walls, you can assume that there is a plumbing leak. In such cases, only a professional can undertake leak detection and repair to eliminate the problem at the source. To find plumbers to repair plumbing leaks, rely on our extensive data base of plumbers. All our specialist contractors are experts in leak detection and repair, and meet all licensing and other requirements.

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